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Affordable and Professional Hearing Care Services and Products

FREE Hearing Screening

We offer a Free no obligation hearing Screening. This test will determine how well you can hear. The test will consist of pure tone audiometry by air conduction. This will offer an accurate assessment of how you hear sound in a controlled environment.

A fee of €50 will be charged where a Full hearing test, written report or referral is required to your GP or elsewhere (such as employer).

Home visit appointments are available at a fee of €65. The cost of Fees paid will be deducted from the cost of your hearing aid order if required.

FREE Remote control

When you purchase a pair of wireless hearing aids, we will give you a FREE remote control to allow you to switch between programs or higher / lower the volume on your hearing aids discretely, by simply clicking a button on your easy to use compact remote. 

No more fiddling at buttons, distractions & no need to change settings on each hearing aid one at a time, this device is simple and easy to use and makes automatic changes to both hearing aids, at the same time. 

FREE with supporting devices on binaural fittings.

Battery Supply

With all hearing aid purchases you will receive a minimum of 2 years supply of batteries. When purchasing from the hi-tech ranges you will receive a 4 year supply of batteries. Battery offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer.


All our hearing aids come with a 2 year warranty minimum.

Our New Rechargeable hearing aids from Unitron come with a 3 years warranty. 

Aftercare Service

Most importantly of all, we offer an unlimited aftercare service. Hearing aids offer you many benefits, getting to the end result requires time and regular check ups, along with a structured aftercare plan. We would be confident in stating you will not receive a more personal, professional & friendly aftercare service anywhere else. We will offer you 30 minute check up appointments which ensures you are not rushed and receive the best care possible.

Getting a hearing aid to work at its best and to get you hearing better requires a patient and structured approach, from both the audiologist and the client. Dispensed and fitted correctly a hearing aid can offer you a new lease of life. However, without an appropriate aftercare service the desired result will not be achieved. We offer as many appointments as required to get you hearing more clearly. Our structured aftercare service includes structured appointments and emergency appointments where required. We will schedule appointments to teach you, one step at a time, how to use your hearing aid correctly, along with any other devices associated with your hearing aid.